Organizations work better with Eleware.

Take control of your information with our knowledge management solutions.

Easily capture and share information about policies, procedures, FAQs, and more.

Use eleFLOW to rapidly capture and modify your organization's procedures using our state-of-the-art flowcharting wizard.
Use eleWIKI to share procedures across an organization, department, or team.
Eleware solutions may be customized for corporate, academic, government, and industrial applications.


eleFLOW provides the world's fastest flowcharting wizard to easily capture and modify complex procedures in a fast, intuitive and standardized manner. All procedures are managed in a 3D flowcharting workstation environment allowing for effortless access to your information.


eleWIKI is a lightweight browser-based web interface that allows you to step through your procedures in an interactive manor, anytime, anywhere from multiple locations and devices.


Eleware may be customized for corporate, government, and industrial applications. Let us work with you to design the ultimate knowledge management solution for your unique needs.

Why use Eleware?

Work faster

It takes only minutes to create detailed procedure definitions with eleFLOW, and mere seconds to find information using eleWIKI.

It's intuitive and effortless

Eleware products feature a state-of-the-art user experience that maximizes ease of use, and minimizes the time and effort to get work done. Our unique flowcharting wizard and interactive procedure database are unmatched.

Improve consistency

Rapid access to specific and accurate procedures ensures that work is done right the first time, completely and correctly.

Save time and money

Our solutions accelerate training and empower staff to get more done, with greater consistency and accuracy. Shrink re-work due to inconsistencies and errors, and free up time for more productive activities.

Retain knowledge

Reduce operational risk by capturing procedure information that isn't adequately shared among by your team.

Access anywhere

Information captured with Eleware is accessible via the web and smart devices.

Use Eleware to:

  • Reduce knowledge risks
  • Share information
  • Accelerate training
  • Improve consistency and regulatory compliance
  • Reduce re-work
  • Eliminate confusion
  • Minimize delays and disruptions
  • Improve planning