Introducing eleWIKI: the fastest and most effective way to share and access your procedures

eleWIKI enables staff to quickly find and review procedures side-by-side your existing office applications. Eliminating barriers to information access ensures that procedures are executed with greater consistency, accuracy, and efficiency.
eleFLOW is the fastest and most effective way to document procedures within your organization, department and team. Accelerate training, improve information sharing, eliminate confusion and delays, improve productivity, and save time and money.

Share Knowledge

eleWIKI makes it easy to turn flowcharts into step-by-step guides and share information within your existing office applications.

Centralize Information

eleWIKI captures all of the information relevant to a procedure. Information is clearly and logically grouped, making it easy for staff to execute tasks correctly.

Empower Your Staff

Easy access to complete and relevant information enables your staff do perform key tasks quickly, with minimal confusion or disruption.